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drivers side window motor

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  • drivers side window motor

    Looking for a window motor for quattro coupe (B3). windows were working ok but now decided they don't anymore. In up position thank god. Switch not eluminated so obviously no power getting to switch. Chased that back and all seems fine so guessing it the motor any (good) advice gladly welcomed

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    You need one of these

    Mine has paid for itself several times over. Allows you to test motors etc independent of the vehicle electrics and find faults easily.

    I do have Avant motors if they fit.
    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
    Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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      It is more than likely to be the switch
      They in my experience start to fail.I have had loads of these fail and you can take them apart and clean the contacts.
      If the motor was working ok it will be the switch
      They don't always illuminate but still work.
      Try a switch first before going to change the motor

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        My experience with windows not working turned out to be the relay. I unpluged the motor and used the power probe to check the motor was good and went on from that. The unit Dave has posted a link to work well. You can also get better units that plug in to the cigarette lighter and give you a read out screen showing volts on the wire's being tested Hope you get to the bottom off your troubles fella