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Anybody Breaking a B3 Saloon.

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  • Anybody Breaking a B3 Saloon.

    As per title is anybody breaking a B3 Saloon?

    As well as the offside wing I've posted an ad for there's a few other front end odd's and sod's I need, all metal parts apart from a grill. Also could do with one back light.

    Figured it may be easier to get the lot from one person, Metallic black would be awesome but any colour will do, can travel for the right parts.

    No huge hurry on this one.
    1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro, daily driver.
    1995 RS2, MTM K26/7, 380 BHP conversion.
    1996 C4 2.8 30V quattro, currently breaking for spares.