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Aftermarket ECU with cruise control

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  • Aftermarket ECU with cruise control

    Hello all

    Can anyone point me towards standalone ECU's with cruise control capability

    Have seen the Link G4+
    Also thought I'd seen the ECUmaster EMU Black but not sure now

    I like the OE ECU (4B0907551K - ME7.1) for it's factory features but trying to find a tuner interested is proving fairly difficult, or those that are only have 2WD dyno
    Any suggestions as to competent tuners would also be welcome, I've tried some of the well know companies but when they ask for your reg straight off, you know they're not interested.

    1989 NG Q Pick-up (Daily)
    2002 ASZ Golf (Doris' Daily)
    1997 AJK-G2 A6 Avant Q (In surgery)
    1999 AGZ Bora (Daily 2)
    1994 ABC A6 Avant (Spare)
    1984 JS Coupe GT (Slow progress)
    1982 WN Coupe GT5 (Spare)
    1983 MK1 Golf GTI Pirelli (In storage)

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      Vems. Mark Swanson at EFI Express.l

      Greg W.
      They can have my car when they pry my cold dead fingers from the steering wheel.