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B7 S4 rear brakes

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    Originally posted by audiman View Post
    Struggling with handbrake cables on the S4 rear brake conversion! Maybe i need genuine cables?
    The Pagid cables are plenty long enough in the outer body, but the inner section is too short to be able to mount in the bracket by the lever and then fit onto the caliper lever?
    Have i completely missed the obvious here?
    Hi Tom
    Did you sort this issue? I now have exactly the same problem with my conversion! I'm considering buying the B6 S4 cables 8E0609721AJ as I think they will work.


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      Not in a way I am happy with long term. I have made an extension section of the threaded bar from the lever and have just placed the cables above the subframe for now. It works, just isn’t how I would like to leave it
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        Ok, thanks. I will let you know how I get on.