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How to fit 322mm Drilled Brake discs with 'Small Reds' on an RS2 ?

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  • How to fit 322mm Drilled Brake discs with 'Small Reds' on an RS2 ?

    I have 'Small Reds 'brake calipers', as per the factory fit on my 1994 RS2. I want to buy some 322 Porsche/Audi Tradition Brake Discs. Do I need a custom carrier / bracket so they fit?

    If I buy the 'Audi Tradition' brake discs, the part number for the 322mm are 8A0615283 / 8A0615284 for the fancy ( 2 piece drilled ones). Does anyone know what the Porsche part number is ?

    Somebody said its 965 351 045 00 / 965 351 046 00 for the Porsche 322mm front discs but they are just one piece and drilled.

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    The two piece are what i run on my S2, they are from a Porsche 993 TT. I can check the part numbers tomorrow but cost over 200 quid each disc and require a custom made inner housing


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      What about the callipers? Will they work on small red, or have you used big reds? Or then again, have you just used some different calliper mounts?

      Thanks buddy!


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        They work with both big and small reds but youd require to fit a different caliper bracket. The porsche 322mm dics are obviously just 1 mm smaller diameter than the A8 323 mm some members have fitted, but advantage of the 993 TT disc is the central cooking vent space is double so benefit from extra cooling.


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          Selection of bits showing the original disc bell and the custom made black one


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              Bracket and disc centre would need to be manufactured to suit the RS2 as it differs from the S2


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                Hi, I ran the small reds with the 1 piece disks from a 993 RS, the bigger disks have a deeper pad depth so you will have to notch each end of the big red brake pad to allow it to sit in its proper location on the disk. Will work just as effectively as caliper pistons are the same size small red to big red, I’m sure I still have the brackets somewhere but the disk ofset is 5 mm different 40 v,s 45, may be an idea to change to monoblocks at the same time and save all that grief with caliper corrosion, hope that helps
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