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Rs3 brake fitment

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  • Rs3 brake fitment

    My mates removed his rs3 front brakes and from his 2015 car to upgrade to some gay aftermarket ones for no reason other than looks which if odd but that's my mates for you.Anyone tried them on there s2 for fitment.

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    Im sure they can be made to fit, you will need some custom carriers at the very least
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      Be aware that Audi had a problem with RS3 brakes and replaced all the early ones under warranty. Some Audi dealers let owners keep the old calipers and quite a few come up for sale now and again. I think the issue was noise rather than safety. There was a set for sale local to me and I did consider having a go getting them to fit my car but decided to go for a tried and tested upgrade instead.
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        Adapters to fit RS3 calipers using A3 323mm discs for 16inch wheels here :


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          Depends what callipers they are. Those early 4 pot callipers and pads are designed for 370x30mm rotors.
          I wouldn’t mess about with kiddie’s 323s.

          As said early RS3 brakes were plagued with little problems, unless they are dirt cheap save your money and buy something better.

          The later 8 pots on the other hand are AFAIK the same as B7 RS4 and others - if so go for it.

          EDIT: If you need any brackets machining drop me a line
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            They're free I ve serviced 5 of his new vans and as I m half the dealer price he's kindly said he ll donate them to my old Audi thing I m building lol. I do have some gallardo calipers but there a bit over kill . My friend gets to keep the sets of the cars that get the carbon upgrade .