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  • Brake discs Audi S2


    I have a totally original Audi S2 Coupe 1996 and i like to keep it all original.

    I changed the brakediscs not far ago but they already has starting to vibrating...

    I know the original brakes are to weak for the car but i´m not into some big brake kit or anything so what i wonder is if someone knows some good brakediscs in original size?

    These discs are at least quite expensive and seems to be some form of carbon/ceramic discs, will they do the trick?


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    Be very careful with online car parts as they are actually AutoDoc trading under another name. If you have a problem with anything they sell you after sales service is very very poor!
    I have used Delphi discs for years and never had a problem. They are not a top brand and may not suit if you do lots of hard braking or track days. Others here will suggest something more suitable for that.
    If your discs were changed recently and are causing problems already, have you checked you haven't got a sticking caliper? Also, are they seated properly?
    Another cause of warped discs can be heavy handed use of a powerful air wrench fully tightening one bolt at a time.
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      Pads seem to have a big effect on the appearance of judder as well... Over the course of 17 years with my coupe quattro 20v I have tried many combinations of discs and pads. Some juddered badly, some worked alright, some stopped better than others, some created more dust and so on. The best pad and disc combo so far in terms of not juddering are ATE discs and textar pads. Textar also happens to be the original fit parts as well


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        What are textar pads like for dust Steve?


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          I have to say that i think textar pads are pretty decent for dust or lack of dust.

          The green stuff pads I had once seemed good for providing braking force when really hot but my word they made dust. Plenty of dust.

          Textar loads better, I certainly don't find myself seeing black dust all over the wheels all the time and what does accumulate over a few weeks (if I'm lazy about washing the car) does come off easily with shampoo and sponge and maybe a bit of wheel cleaner to get into the corners.


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            Thanks for the info, they sound promising. I'll give these a try out when the current set needs replacing.


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              I'm using ATE discs on the back of the S6 and like them, time will tell if they last as long as Brembo. Either discs are high quality and my long term use of Brembo is they last a long time. Another vote for Textar pads if you can find them here, last time i looked i had to get them form Germany.
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