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Is it possible to repair the drivers door lock

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  • Is it possible to repair the drivers door lock

    My drivers door lock only activates the central locking on locking. On unlocking the door will open but the central locking doesn't activate. The key seem to have less friction against it on the malfunctioning turn so assume it's the lock and not the electronic central locking actuator that is at fault.

    Does anyone know if this can be fixed? I'd rather not have a mishmash of different keys. Or is it likely that it is a problem with the actuator? Can these be swapped from lock to lock?

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    Central locking is controlled by a central locking pump that blows or sucks as needed to push/pull the vacuum activators inside the doors, trunk(boot) or hatch. Your problem could be an electrical connection to the central locking pump or a mechanical problem in the door or a mechanical problem between the pump and the lock actuator in the door. AND/OR you locking remote key needs new batteries or needs reprogramming (easy).

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      Thanks Dave, but I have tested and the problem is definitely with the lock or the electronic actuator on the side of the lock


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        Have managed to fix this, the lock was fine, the electronic actuator was knackered though. Luckily had a spare on a set of doors I had knocking about which I swapped in, will have to write a guide when I have a min.


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          Normally the micro switch in the actuator fails, from memory they are not handed so using one from a passenger door will normally be a safe bet
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