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UR quattro low voltage at windcreen washer pump

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  • UR quattro low voltage at windcreen washer pump

    Have been working on getting the quattro through the MOT and one issue is the windscreen washer isn't working very well - dribbling... Wipers activate fine.

    Have tracked the issue down to low voltage at the pump. 12V direct to pump works well. Waiting for some more contact cleaner in the post as that seems to fix the majority of faults on the UR but wondered if anyone had had similar issues? Relaying the feed will be the last resort but would like to fix the oem feed if possible.

    I'll be testing the voltage at the fuse tomorrow and going from there.

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    Check the earth as well, but fundamentally it has to be a physical problem with the wiring somewhere, could even be a corroded fuse in the fuse box.

    Relaying it is a bodge.


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      Switch connection, I had to clean the contact there..
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        Thanks for the tips, I've been away and haven't had a chance to investigate further, will update what I find.