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Electric n/s door mirror stopped working

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  • Electric n/s door mirror stopped working

    Will be getting ready to do some fault finding as soon as the weather improves and my fingers don't drop off trying .. but , the passenger door mirror doesn't move atall. Is there experience if obvious issues relating to design flaws on s2's. Maybe wiring loom in the door gets damaged on the hinge , or connections corrode due to water? , Or motors just stop …? Will enjoy solving this I'm sure , but like to develop a method/ plan first.. if I solve I'll share gladly. Regards

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    Does the motor sound like it is working? Ive had several mirrors fail due to the plastic toothed track breaking. All of them failed in one way but not the other


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      Steve. Thanks for your reply... Went out tonight and started car again and checked the mirror motor.. tried , and it worked !.. can only put it down to the car being stood so long( ( almost 2years before I got it). Maybe getting it ararted and heated up is drying out some of the electrics. I'll be keeping an eye on it.... But the rear wiper is still a bit unpredictable..


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        That is a bonus! Cars don't like standing and are better kept active. maybe that your theory is right or maybe it was frozen?