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Final Edition Cab AAH fuel relay signal

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  • Final Edition Cab AAH fuel relay signal

    Morning people, banging my head against a brick wall now. I have a final edition cab that mice got into and chewed through a load of wiring, it looked like just a few wires lower down in looms under fuse box which I repaired then retro fitted cruise and heated seat wiring, then refurbed heater matrix, had carpet cleaned and installed both. I then realised that they had gone through all the k and l diagnostic plug wires and some other wired just under fuse box. I have repaired all of those but I am not getting a signal to the T connector on the 272 fuel pump relay.

    It is getting 12v up to both terminals on relay and there is continuity to fuel pump 12v from the relay and the ground is good, I have traced the T wiring which goes from relay down the engine loom to a black connector (green and brown wire) which connects up to the lights and horn wiring loom and then goes into the fuse board in the yellow plug.

    I am assuming the signal is coming from the ecu but I dont know how it is getting to the relay. or not getting to the relay in this case.

    Any help much appreciated, cheers.

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    Do you have a alarm /immobiliser on the motor . Maybe something to look at if you do. Have you got any fault codes showing ?


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      Thanks for quick reply. Ripped out aftermarket alarm so only has the factory immobiliser but I dont think that would stop the car starting, it usually lets car start then cuts it out. I dont have any fault codes as my 2x2 adapter is playing up.


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        Start with bridging the relay.
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          Thanks for replies, have checked wiring diagram and think I must have miswired the k and l plugs or missed a broken wire.


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            The immobiliser maybe on the fuel pump wire / starting circuit just worth a look see.


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              OK thanks.