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  • PRJ chip set.

    My S2 is currently running a full RS2 setup and a PRJ chipset tailered to my injectors and made about 340hp on the rolling road.

    I'm using Bosch 440 injectors. I'm after a bit more poke now. Is there another chipset that people are using with those injectors or do I have to get a custom map.

    From reading endless threads on the forum I see people regularly achieving 360-380 on RS2 setup and RS2 injectors.

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    I made 390 on ts chips


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      My boost gauge is reading peak boost of nearly 1.8 bar, tapering to 1.5 bar near red line, which is what PRJ said it would likely achieve. Is there any more to be had?


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        Can I use those ts chips with my injectors?


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          Find some TS chips and you'll not be disappointed. I bought ones Andyg was selling, really aggressive boost onset, thoroughly recommend them.


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            Yeh you can use RS2 injectors, that's what i'm using. The chip i've got require the R201 mod so that's something to bare in mind.


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              TS is made for 102 octane and knock control is significantly reduced. I would not recommend on stock rods.
              Also, no, you can't use it on 440cc injectors.

              Also, most likely it's not the chipset that is the problem with your car. The MAF is the achilles heel on these, if it's worn out, no matter what chipset you run it won't make the correct power.

              Also, it must not be "nearly 1.8 bar" it should be a bit more than that. Chances are you have some sort of boost leak.

              And finally, the dyno is also important - no dyno is accurate, some show more, some show less. Throwing numbers around randomly shows ignorance to this.
              You can only compare the numbers between cars on the same dyno.
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                Thanks for your input PRJ, good to see that you still have time for the forum.

                Going on your advice i will leave the ts chips alone.

                Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my car or the setup at all on the contrary it runs beautifully. My MAF is a genuine Bosch remanufactured unit and is about 18 months old.

                With regard the boost gauge readings, from the drivers seat position and angle of the boost gauge and trying to keep your eyes on the road and taking a glimpse at speedo as you rapidly approach penalty points speed, it probably is actually 1.8 bar. I need to take a passenger out for a run in it to confirm.

                In conclusion my query was I'm just after a little more power from the car.


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                  It's funny how it works .you have got nice level of boost but 340 BHP simes slightly low and I'm running 1.3bar but 363BHP


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                    Dyno variance


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                      Interesting to hear that TS chips are designed for 102 ron. I ran them on 97ron which is the best we have on the island and must admit had no issues. Plenty go in them anyway.


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                        To get the best out of these cars, as prj stated, likely there are a few small boost leaks. These can range from injector seats in the manifold, vacuum pipes, boost hoses, oil breather pipes, bad clamps, gaskets etc.
                        1996 S2 ABY Silver


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                          Originally posted by Bowie69 View Post
                          Dyno variance
                          Well ,I don't know about other dyno but the one I'm using is spot on .My car with remap only was producing 273 so where it should be,my friend Fiesta ST with stage 1 that should be 215 BHP did exactly that on dyno and another friend with Focus RS stage1 that should be 375bhp did 376 so to me it indicat that this dyno is accurate but anyway,it's not the subject here


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                            Originally posted by gmac78 View Post
                            Interesting to hear that TS chips are designed for 102 ron. I ran them on 97ron which is the best we have on the island and must admit had no issues. Plenty go in them anyway.
                            Did you also measure the straightness of your rods, after having no issues ? Plenty of banana has been had on that chipset, and also some holes in blocks.

                            Also no dyno is "spot on" apart from an engine dyno, for a chassis dyno a such thing simply can never exist.
                            It is used as a comparison tool, as long as it gives the same power on the same car in between pulls, that's it's job done. Comparing numbers between different make of dynos is stupid once you know how everything works.

                            If you have a small boost leak and you fix it, due to the MAF fueling the power should pick up, but anyway you're maybe 20-30hp off what it should make, but again depends on the dyno, maybe there's even nothing wrong with it at all.

                            If you really want a power upgrade the correct thing is to build the engine, and fit a bigger more modern turbo, such as the EFR7163 with 0.7 A/R housing. Then you'll get a reasonable (100-140hp) power upgade without sacrificing much spool...


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                              I ran them for around a year or so on 97 Ron but have since carried out the Volvo 7400 conversion and the engine runs spot on. Just as smooth as it was prior to running these chips so it be surprised if the rods are bent, surely if bent even slightly you would feel that? Wish we had 102Ron, even bloody 99 Ron would be good!!