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  • eBay maf

    so I managed to get a new maf from eBay

    but it only lasted 5 mins I was just wondering if anyone else is used them. They seem to sell lots just wounded if had got a bad one.

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    No I think your find their are not very good from what I have read. So I guess you haven't been able to borrow one to find the problem with the car.


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      I got one from eBay not long ago,however I think the seller deals with Audi tradition a lot,I can't remember the name,autewo I think it is.
      It was new in the box,and arrived very quickly from Germany,so far so good.
      I think they only had 2 in stock...they may still have one.
      Where abouts are you based?
      ​​​​​​youd be welcome to try mine
      It's a love/hate relationship with the S2,i love it,it hates me


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        Iv managed to find the problem it is the maf. the problem is finding one. I managed to borrow one of another car. But still on the look for one that’s why I brought this one wish I hadn’t now.