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Help identifying wires at the left rear inside the boot S2 coupe

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  • Help identifying wires at the left rear inside the boot S2 coupe

    The wiring in the picture appear to be original. It also appears to have been messed with.

    There are three wires in the taped loom. Two of the wires are twisted together and they are red and black in colour. The black wire has had a lug crimped on and is screwed to the body (not sure that should be like that) the red has been connected to the luggage light 12v, also quite sure that's not correct.

    The third wire in the loom is dark grey and it tests like its connector to the ground but it has an insulated cover on the end. (Is that a possible screen wire for the red and black twisted pair)

    I cannot find anything on a wiring diagram that points me as to what these wires are used for.

    One thing about the dark grey wire is its quite long and it can reach the boot key mechanism.
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    Being who I am I decided to remove inside covers and trace the wires.

    I found a metal thing wrapped in tape stuck behind the panel by the spare wheel.

    It is an old tracking unit put in be a previous owned and never removed. How wrong I was about the wiring looking original.

    The unit has now been removed and I can rest tonight.

    Another problem removed.

    Happy camper

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      At least it wasn’t installed with the blue clip on connectors and looked reasonably well installed
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      '93 Coupe with a few tweeks