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Pneumatisk "vacuum " central lock Audi 80 B4

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  • Pneumatisk "vacuum " central lock Audi 80 B4

    In the early days i had a DEFA Alarm system in my Audi, but it broke and had a nasty happit of cuting the power of when i wanted to start the car, so i had a mekanik pulle it out, so now i can' t lock all doors from the driverside only passangerside. So i need a keyless system to operate with the original vacuum pump system, but almost all i can find dosen' t say pneumatisk vacuum system. So is it that sympel just but a system. Or any you can recomende. Thx

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    Pneumatics does not play in any role. Every aftermarket remote central locking can be used to lock doors on audi factory central locking.

    Probably wires have been cut in drivers door harness or switch in the lock actutor is worn out/corroded.
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      Yep, as above, door wires cut, broken as they pass through to the door, or the actuator switch is duff.


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        THX. To the internet to by i goo