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  • Odometer gear

    My trip has stopped working. Which gear do I need for my 1994 aby instrument cluster?
    Has anyone got a spare for sale?
    The only ones for sale are in Germany and I need it fixed for Sunday (Chessington).
    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration

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    These should do the trick:

    I bought a batch, they seem to have gone up in price though.

    Thread on odmeter gear replacement
    Greg Administrator & Webmaster

    '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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      Thanks Greg. I ordered one last week, just hoping it arrives today for Chessington tomorrow
      Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration


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        Can anyone confirm which way you rotate the Speedo needle to remove it? I've seen both directions mentioned. My car has a 1993 stamped cluster. Thanks
        Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration


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          The speedo needle is usually too tight to pull off forward.

          When I replaced my cog, I found the best way was to spin the needle through several complete turns to loosen its grip on the spindle it sits on. Turn all the way round till the internal mechanism hits its stop and keep going. As you twist; pull and it comes off. Don't think it matters which way you turn it to be honest as there is no thread involved. Trying to pull it straight off will likely result in damage its that tight if never disturbed before.


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            2 teaspoons make good prybar type levers, insert each side right next to the spindle...
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            S2 Coupe... bit easier off the line...
            '03 ZX12-R daily hack.... lots of nice bolt ons...


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              Do not prise it off as you risk damaging the needle.

              Here's a direct quote from a post by mikes2 on the classic audi forum: "I picked up a spare cluster and removed the motor. This went fine with no accidents. I now know the technique for removing the needle. Turn all the way clockwise until it hits the stop and continue to rotate the needle after the stop. After a few turns it pops off. No lifting required."



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                Thanks everyone. I'm still waiting for the new gear to arrive. A job for this week.
                Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration


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                  Check this thread out it helped me loads, sure to remove the needle you lift it over the stop and turn it counter clockwise trying to pry it off can cause damage


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                    I copied and pasted this from the link

                    DO NOT PRY UP ON THE NEEDLE TO REMOVE! This is the trickiest part of the job. The needle is pressed onto a shaft that is extremely thin. It feels like a pretty tough metal, but you need to be careful here. Do not pull straight up. Do not put any torque on the shaft. Grip the speedometer needle at the center and rotate counter-clockwise, you may have to gently lift the needle above the needle stop, until it hits an internal stop. Gently continue to rotate the needle while also gently applying a small amount of upwards tension at the same time. The friction is all that is holding the needle to the shaft. Keep turning and applying a small amount of upwards tension until the needle comes off. Do not force it. I saw this bit after I'd forced mine off