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AAN Oil Temperature Sender

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  • AAN Oil Temperature Sender

    Could any of your clever lot tell me if this is the correct oil temp sender
    for my 1997 S6, please:

    The gauge has been acting the goat since I bought the car and now it's finally laid the
    nice orange needle to rest.

    Muchos thanks,

    1997 Audi S6 - The Purple Helmet!

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    More likely to be the solder connections on the board inside the cluster in my opinion. The temperature sender is essentially just a variable resistor. Try substituting it with a resistor of know value to see if you get a reading on the gauge. There's a temp/resistance graph out there I'm sure Dave will have one.

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      Oil Pump, Temperature Sender, Pressure Relief Valve Info.

      Oil Pump, Temperature Sender, Pressure Relief Valve Info.

      RS2'd 93 UrS4 5 spd sedan
      94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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        In oil pump 054115109B I found this oil temperature sender with extra shim/washer. Now I'm thinking should I use it on my stroker engine with 034115109 oil pump

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          Actually my question is how much this shim changes pressure at which relief valve opens ?

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