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Hydraulic Fluid Leak from in line Cooler

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  • Hydraulic Fluid Leak from in line Cooler

    Unusual fault on the finned hydraulic feed line from the tank to pump. Losing fluid and originally thought that it was the short hose from the tank, but in fact, the stainless steel brazing had failed at the tank end. The right angle joint end gets constant flexing with engine rocking and eventually just failed. Have some stainless flux on the way, but replaced temporarily by a section of 15mm copper heating tube. Is this a common fault with this part ?. Most likely no longer available from Audi and probably unaffordable even if it was…

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    They are unavailable new. You should have an insulated C clip supporting it halfway along it. When I got my car, it was lying in the boot in 2 parts broken in the same place as yours


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      Thanks. Mine does have the insulated clip, mounting to the front panel area. The fatigue crack is due to the stress on the outside edge of the braze at the corner end on mine. No reason why they can't be brazed up again though, just need the right stainless flux. That's the theory anyway, but will confirm if it works :-). It does need that cooler or equivalent though, as the fluid gets quite hot...


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        Repair sorted. Got some stainless flux from Ebay (tenacity 5) and brazed a copper heating fitting, then yorkshire copper fittings for the rest of it. The pipe coming from the tank comes out at an angle, whereas the original assembly runs at a right angle, which puts a stress on the joint and is probably why it failed. Fixed with a formed bit of tube as in the photo. pressure tested and seems ok. Only have a map gas torch, but just hot enough to get the job done, though did put a layer of braze on the bellows end before final assembly...