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  • Injectors question

    As I collect all the parts for my project, I was wondering what type of injectors to use for my Audi rs2. I go for 430hp. Are my original injectors of my rs2 enough? I would like to keep the original fuel rail and connections.

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    Hi Jiri. From what I've read in the past they wont flow enough for that sort of power. An 'expert' will be along or use the search feature, lots of cars running 450bhp+ on here see what there running.


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      Thanks Simon, i Now al lot of people change to others but I want to know which won't works with ev1 and do they change other parts, like fuel rail or another dimension of seats


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        Will works with ev1 I mean


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          I take it you’ve uprated the rs2 wheel to take more power. Then you need to speak to your mapper but there’s lots of ev1 injectors and sizes you can use some times it’s best to go bigger for more head room for later date if you decide to go bigger turbo all best Michael