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236 tall block with 86.4mm stroke

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  • 236 tall block with 86.4mm stroke

    Has any one done this tall block with 86.4 crank combo? if built correct I take it can rev really high?

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    In theory yes it can be done. But the oil pump is the problem after 8 k rpm, so you need a dry sump setup for high rpm. Also suitable cams and head work. The difference between a normal and tall block at the same cc will be small. Why chase high rpm? Use the tall block with a TDI crank and you can still rev to 8k on the stock oil pump if required. The extra 15% displacement is more useful than an extra 500rpm?

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      You can use tall block with 86,4 crank we also did tall block with 82,5 perfect.
      You Need longer rods.
      In case of tall block and 86,4 crank beside oem Piston size you are around 160mm rods.