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  • Tuner referral

    I’m looking for advice for an experienced, knowledgeable tuner for a RS2, ideally in Germany or the neighboring countries but UK is a possibility.
    Car is currently in the Netherlands in VG stock condition.

    Inspection of overall car condition.
    Mild tune and turbo upgrade to 400 hp
    Consideration of F & R Torsen type differentials
    Possible suspension work


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    there are a lot of tuners in germany that do that.

    tuning engine with a turbo upgrade will probably need some engine work like rods. i a built engine and a turbo for sale ir your intrested =D


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      Thanks rxl, I will give them a try. I understood the stock internals would handle up to 400hp and the alt turbo consideration was really about response. I'm hoping to avoid opening up the engine (or an engine swap) at this point.


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        I would go for rs2 plus step and that would be it considering it has no rods and the engine state is unknown.. Changing turbo to a faster one would be updated version from vidar or something similar.. It needs a custom map and that is a never ending story ..


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          Thanks for the further advice, all very helpful.


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            Is this coming to the states?
            If so there’s more than a few
            tuner shops that wouldn’t have
            a problem building the car or
            tuning the stock motronic.


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              The car will eventually be coming to the States (northeast). Can you recommend someone?


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                Talk to Marc Swanson at EFI Express
                He's in New Hampshire and the go to guy for Motronic or VEMS on these engines - at least in the US
                1994 Cabriolet - 5 speed
                1995 90
                2011 A4 Avant
                1990 CQ - V8 (sold)


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                  If it’s going to the northeast then
                  Marc is your guy. He knows 20vt
                  5 cylinders very well. Builds alot
                  of great stuff too.