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  • Head Bolts part number

    Hi as I am to replace a headgasket as it leaked on the exhaust side of the head and had been experiencing loss of coolant recently ( 1/2 lite per 1000 km ) . As OEM bolts ar not available anymore ,what brand can I trust -

    14-32049-01 VIKTOR REINZ , is it any good ?

    My expereince with non OEM head bolts is not very good - they seem to stretch...

    Thanks in advance


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    They are meant to stretch. They are designed to be torqued to a value and stretch when they get there to ensure a consistent clamping force. They are only meant to be used once.

    Google 'torque to yield' bolts.


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      You did not get my point - non OEM bolts cannot hold and stretch while torquing them ... I do not want to mention brands ... so my question is if someone has experience with VReinz bolts , whether they can be torqued to spec...


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        At my place Victor Reinz bolts for AAN are known to have become quite a **** recently. The problem is that you won't buy anything else. Glaser sets contain the same Victor Reinz bolts. I suspect smth similar for Ajusa brand.

        You will be lucky if you find NLA Payen set HBS269. Or at least Febi 21184 (by one bolt).

        I suspect 16V bolts may fit, but personally I have not checked it.


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          Maybe something is lost in translation but head bolts are designed to stretch when torquing them to the figures, if the point you are making is that they stretch when applying torque you are right; I don't understand what the problem is?

          For your information, I rebuilt my engine last year using Victor Reinz bolts and yes, I was able to follow the torque sequence no problem.

          If you want head bolts that don't stretch you will probably need to buy ARP bolts. They cost a significant amount of money and need a different torque sequence / total figures because they don't stretch and therefore the factory figures won't be right.


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            Nothing is lost in translation , when torquing to spec the bolt stretches and the torque wrench doesnot click....which means the bolt can is not tightened to spec and stretches . I will try the VReinz bolts and see, if not , Febi.


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              What "spec" are you trying to archeive with the torque wrench? To do it right you should use degrees to torque the factory bolts.

              Stage 1 = 40Nm
              Stage 2 = 60Nm
              Stage 3 = 180 degrees

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                During stage 3 the bolt goes light before reaching 180 degrees, and is good for the bin only. On the VReinz gasket says 2x90 degrees after stage 1 - 40 nm and 2 - 60nm. Will try with VReinz this time - hoping no bolt will give up... will buy 4-5pcs more...


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                  The feeling of going light is the bolt stretching as it is designed to do. It is normal and how the manufacturer ensures an even and consistent clamping force across all of the head.

                  If you are on a quest to find bolts that don't feel like they do this, you may be a long time.

                  ​​​​​Read this:


                  Look at this:


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                    If it's spinning and you can turn by hand, it means the block threads are toast and they can't take the torque