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ABY Ecu Has blown!!!??

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  • ABY Ecu Has blown!!!??

    My luck goes on, I left the ignition on the other day while fitting coil overs when i came to start the car no spark turns out the Ecu has burned out ffs

    so I`m after a ABY ecu mine was chipped

    can i buy a replacement ecu and reuse the tuning chip?
    help and advice also appreciated

    cheers jamie

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    Who's told you it's burnt out?

    There is a sticky on here somewhere of what to check when the car is not starting, I'd start with that.
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      My mate has a auto electrician workshop I asked him to remove the Clifford alarm as I thought it had messed up further investigation he found a burned track on the ECU


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        Just wondering... Do you have a Chinese alternator on your car? There has been a thread recently about an ABY ecu failing due to over voltage from the alternator. Just something to consider...


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          Yes Chris 5044 has had a few troubles. He had his ECU sorted out . Maybe you could pm him ask who he used.


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            Cant find Chris 5044 its been a while since ive been on the forum and this new site is hard to navigate


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              I have a couple of spare ECU's, most from the factory were socketed so swapping the chips over is easy. Is the map sensor in your burnt out ECU a stock one, if so then it should be as simple as swapping over the chips. The brand new AAN ECU that's for sale on here would probably do the job too. No way to check whether it's socketed without opening it up though.


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                search . car broke down / after full revs Any help / advice. Its on the 4 page about the ecu if that help. Although Colesy look like the Man who can help you out fella. Good Luck


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                  jamie9048 this is the thread that may help. It was likely caused by the voltage regulator on the cheap alternator

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                    Yes thanks Greg I didn't know how to put a link to it.


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                      Quick update my ECU had become damaged and kept blowing a main fuse, it's been sent away and repaired.
                      I've also had a suspect Clifford alarm removed and the remnants of three other after market alarms removed.

                      I've drove the car for the first time last night and I'm not sure if it feels down on power as it's been 8 months since I've driven it in anger... I'm now wondering if the repair company has removed the chip from the ECU returning it to standard power.

                      Anyway I might soon get it dyno tested and think about a power improvement injectors and new chip and maybe a new turbo?

                      Any advice on freeing some ponies.

                      Cheers Jamie


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                        Not sure who repaired it but I can’t imagine they had Stock S2 chips sitting about and fitted them to your ECU.
                        Pull the codes first, see if you have any faults the ECU has registered. Do you have a boost gauge? If so how much boost are you seeing?
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                          I seem to have the same problem engine was started from a boost starter started up fine (slight mis fire ) Move it car stopped tryed to boost start it again . Noticed a mouse had chewed a coil pack wire . Sorted wire but it wouldn't start ! Notice one if tge main fuses had blown The ecu memory fuse . Fuse keeps blowing .
                          so i removed ecu Changed fuse turned ignition one fuse was ok reinstated ecu turned ignition on blow fuse again .
                          when the best place to get ecu checked ?
                          s2 central put a chip in it years ago . I have had the off the ecu looks and smells ok .but i need it tested can anyone help please ?


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                            Hey there dude! I feel your pain!
                            My ECU blew, whilst I was at 7000rpm racing a subarau at night!!

                            Haha, well it was pointing at a chinese alternator that a joe blogs at a garage would just fit. I have since fitted a bosch one.
                            App they can spike - esp at high revs.

                            I had to buy a new ECU, which cost ££££ 950 actually.. plus a remap £550 so lots of work really.

                            I bought an emerald ECU which did the trick and is programmable - so future proof for upgrading. Though I just bought from a recommendation and Ive heard theres others which are more favourable.

                            Its such a heart brake isnt it? -- though once youve sorted it she will be up and alive again!
                            Good luck buddy!! Hang in there!


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                              If fuse goes . Send .e message . I knowe howe to give it a longer life without use any money on it ..