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  • 7a turbo build

    Hi guys I’m after some advice on my upcoming project I am going to turbo my 7a 1990 audi 90
    So I can see that this has all been done before but it is a little confusing on what I need to do my question is what am I going to need to make 450 wheel brake?
    I would like to keep this as cheap as possible but am under no idea that it will be “cheap” I know ill need pistons and rods but my main goal is to first run boost I know it want be much but if I have a turboed engine I can go from there. So, what I really need to know is what turbo to run and how to get oil to it should I buy the s2 oil filter housing or run a stand-alone system with an electric pump? If you guys say to run the s2 housing dose anyone have one? And finally, for the moment I was thinking of the b3 intake manifold and not the aan one as I’ve heard these bolt on better.
    Sorry for the spelling

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    For this conversion it is worth reading up on Error404 build thread. There will be quite alot of work involved to convert, you may need to machine the block for the oil return too,
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