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Another engine mount question

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  • Another engine mount question

    I've been having an absolute bitch of a time tracking down the left side engine mount for my RS2. Part number 8A0199382. Only Tradition has them in stock, and we all know that their website is ******ed. I found one in Italy, and the bloody thing got lost in transit—maddening!

    What I have been able to find is the Febi Bilstein part, 07177. This is apparently equivalent to the engine mount for an RS2 without air conditioning. 8A0199382C.

    My question is this:
    does airconditioning really make a difference? Is the mount for "without air conditioning" truly any different to the one for with air conditioning? I have this suspicion that they're probably exactly the same, especially when coming from an OEM supplier like Febi or Lemforder.

    If I mix a right side "for air conditioning" mount with a left side "without air conditioning" will I have any issues?


    1995 Audi RS2 . . . plus a few other old German cars

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    I don't know the official answer but I also suspect there is not much difference and wouldn't exepct any problems. The only thing I can think is extra weight of aircon compressor is taken into account with the a/c mount, it's not as if it is a different shape for clearance - it's not even close.

    When you buy poly upgrade bushes; you don't get a/c options

    And, at the end of the day - if you cannot get the one you want any more, you HAVE to try an alternative and that is bound to be better than one that has failed!