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  • MC/KG engine questions

    So I've been trying to make proper to-do list on my 90Q project so that I wouldn't run into classical ''while I'm at it'' issue. However one thing that is still unanswered is engine. Currently I have 2.3NG with stock injection. On paper it's reliable engine for long rides if injection system is replaced however power is bit of a lackluster and raising power on NA non crossflow engine is not worthwhile. I was looking into adding more power and 10vt sounded like a good choice, however I can't seem to find any info on the finished product apart from some graphs so I have couple of questions
    What's the fuel consumption you get once you raise power? My goal is 300HP which from what Ive heard is doable without upgrading pistons and rods.
    Is engine reliable for long rides at that power lever, or is it only good for short trips on track? Ive heard endless stories of blown head gaskets and other funny things happening even at 200hp range.
    Whats the approximate cost of build? Looking for pure ballpark numbers, from what Ive gathered 20vt 600hp+ build usually goes for about 8k minimum, have no info about 10vt.

    Would be greatfull for any other info regarding such swap.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I have a 1991 80q with a MC1 from an 86 typ44. I did convert mine to EFI with megasquirt, and now that it's tuned properly, runs amazing.

    I'm currently running 22psi from a K24 which should have me right around 300 crank HP.

    I have driven more than 8 hours nearly non stop with no issues. While cruising at around 70MPH (113kph) it was getting just under 30 miles per gallon(12.75 KM per liter). I have been quite happy with the economy while not hard on the accelerator, and the power when I want it.

    As far as price goes, the problem is I'm in the US, and it the prices for things here are way different than over there. As for the head gasket, I used an AAN metal gasket on mine, and it's not given me a problem yet.