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Fluidamper version 1 install AAN?

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  • Fluidamper version 1 install AAN?

    Looking to see who is running the oringal 2.7tt modified Fluidamper for the AAN. I have one that came with my coupe and im looking to see what everyone did to fit the timing cog and also align the timing correctly.

    The cog gear has an alignment pin, bit on my damper i dont have a spot for that pin. If i drill into the hub to add relief ( ive been advised to do) rhe timing mark will not line up is that just the way it is?

    Im thinking, ill drill a small relief for the cog pin, and align timing with the stock damper and the swap to the fluidamper and mark the "new" timing mark.

    What did you guys do?

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    Have you balanced engine ? And howe you holde the cranck when pulling thight the main bolt ?


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      The engine is getting zero balanced yes. And i have access to a custom tool to lock the crank in place.


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        Anyone that can chime in would be greatly appreciated.