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  • Tfsi coil conversion

    hello all

    Can someone explain to me what is the modern Tfsi coil conversion? Also what i will need from A to Z. Where i can locate the parts needed too. Really appreciate the help.

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    The best fella to pm is Error 404 [Alex] He's the man who can supply all said parts and you know everything will be 100% spot on. Chris 5044 has just fitted a set to his kingfisher blue S2 in his thread, so you can see what they look like if that helps. Regards Lynn.


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      Idea of the conversion is to get rid of the old coils which are now hard to come by or ridiculous prices if they break. By using modern tfsi coilpacks you can also lose the POSs (power output stages) of the old system, since the modern coilpacks have the built in. The tfsi coils will work even on heavily modified engines and replacament parts are easily available at a reasonable price.

      You can get quality PnP(or nearly PnP) loom from Alex (Error404). I read that the Volvo connetors used in the loom are now obsolete so it might need changing of one or two oem connectors to make it work.


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        I fitted a tfsi coil kit and loom sourced from the States a couple of years back. Keeping the existing spark plugs in it, my ABY then drove like it had a lighter flywheel fitted! Big difference in performance even though she was fine on the OE system (except hot when stuck in traffic).
        The best single upgrade that I've done to my car. I understand that the coils may not last as long because they get to much charge time and the ECU needs a tweak, as fas as my aging brain can remember. Its amazing how running fine on old parts gets thrown out the window when fitted with more modern parts. Money well spent.


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          Guys thankyou for your advice and personal views on this upgrade. Definitely something I will be doing in the near future.


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            Just PM Alex [error404] as stated above.
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