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Fuel tank sender repair

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  • Fuel tank sender repair

    Having replaced the fuel pump i've put everything back together and guess what... no working fuel gauge !
    So stripped everthing out again and after lots of fiddling and testing discovered a sender malfunction. A quick browse on here and hey presto... enough info to get the sender out.
    Push the tab on the stem and pull the sender unit gently out of the pump basket.
    A dissentigrated pivot wire was the culprit, so i used soft strait braid repair wire and left around 25mm strait then twisted each end and tinned them. Twisted wire caused too much resistance, i did experiments and found strait braid was best.
    Routed new wire behind the float arm and soldered each end back together plugged it up and tested fine. Greased all terminals and assembled everthing back together.
    Very pleased with the overall fix thanks to all the great info on here.
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    Excellent! That is a good outcome - a bit of research (the answers are usually on here already!) a bit of tinkering and testing and your gauge comes back to life.

    Not the sort of thing a garage business would be interested in doing which makes it an even more satisfying job done