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3b to rs2 spec urquattro

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  • 3b to rs2 spec urquattro

    Any help appreciated,
    So got a 3b in a urquattro. Car ran fine 2 weeks ago, then I mounted rs2 turbo, exhaust mani, injectors, 4.0bar fpr and rs2 chipped 3b ecu.

    Car would not start, so reinstalled 3b injectors, 3.0bar fpr, and stock 3b ecu.
    still no start.

    Have checked and getting no spark and injectors are not spraying or clicking when cranking.
    Fuel pump relay is pulling in for a couple of seconds when turning the key to 1st position and pulling in when cranking.
    Have done 5v LED test on g40 hall sensor, that blinks once every revolution so seams good.

    Done pin out on ecu plug and one thing that I noticed is pin12 (ref voltage +ve to throttle pot, hall sensor, altitude sensor and coding plug) only has continuity to hall sensor, nothing to throttle pot or altitude sensor.
    Should I also have continuity to throttle pot and altitude sensor?

    any help is much appreciated
    1986 urquattro 20v 3b

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    3B must be similar to AAN, but starting procedure is:
    When you crank the engine the ECU needs to see 23RPM from the flywheel/RPM sensor
    Once it does that it checks the firing pin sensor on the crank (to check crank sensors -VR- needs oscilloscope (cheap USB works) and the cam sensor (check the cam sensor -hall effect- with a multi-meter) to make sure timing is in check.
    Once the ECU's sees these and is happy with it it will than allow the fuel pump to turn on, the injector pulse, the MAF on and the coils will get pulse.

    Since you said: "Have checked and getting no spark and injectors are not spraying or clicking when cranking." no reason to go forward.