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Rural Crank lock tool for S2 S4 3b, aby, Aan, adu engines

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  • Rural Crank lock tool for S2 S4 3b, aby, Aan, adu engines

    Hello I open this thread to show you the tool that I made It is not very pretty, but it is simple and really useful

    It is very simple to manufacture and for my taste much better than those that are sold and are anchored to the engine block with a screw

    I came across a really stuck crankshaft bolt and needed to use a lot of force to loosen it He spent hours with wd40 but not even with those

    The first thing you need is a thick steel tube that is about the same size as the pulley hole. But you must expect to fit the socket you need to loosen the crankshaft bolt You cut the piece of pipe you need, counting that one part will go into the hole, and weld it to a long steel bar that will rest directly on the ground.

    Mark and cut

    You need to cut the tube so that it rests right in this part of the pulley

    Try to make the cut in such a way that it is resting on the ground to make more force

    Its really easy and strong tool

    You can go to the battle with this.

    Aan pulley VS powerfix lidl tool...

    Ups, try again....

    Aan wins!

    **** Toy tool!

    I need a tool for men

    3/4 tool...Fight!

    Stay quiet....

    Needs more power.....

    I think in the end I overturn the car

    Bolt out

    I hope it can be of help to someone.

    Im use this in 3 different cars. its a tool for life, and imposible to broke or lost

    Crom would be proud of her

    Sorry for my horrible spanglish
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    A inspiring effort sir. Well done!


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      Originally posted by Lago Blue View Post
      A inspiring effort sir. Well done!
      Thanks a lot

      I think it is the easiest way to make the tool

      Ugly but funcional for aby adu, Aan.... One for all



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        I like the approach! The way that extensuon bent looks like it was very very stuck.