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Coolant hose bleed screw

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  • Coolant hose bleed screw

    Alright chaps,

    Is there a fix for my leaking coolant bleed screw, I'm reluctant to try and unscrew it incase it disintegrates completely!

    Not checked if a new hose is available, no doubt NLA!!!

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    If you're stuck I think you can use a short M8 bolt with some plumbers PTFE thread tape.

    edit : I can't be certain of the thread pitch. Maybe its M6 you'd need to check.


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      Smaller than M8, maybe even M5.

      Remember this is only 15PSI and you are sealing against rubber, over a tiny area, so a self tapper would likely hold fine, and in a pinch run with the expansion tank hose off.

      Hose is NLA, definitely, there are some silicone versions available if that is your thing -search ebay by the part number that is on the hose.


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        I have resorted to jamming a short bolt into one of these in the past, though I honestly can't recall what size.
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          Cheers for the info guys, I wasn't sure what kind of thread was on it but if a small metric bolt/cap screw will fit then happy days, I'll find something suitable to plug it.


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            i think a plastic number plate screw went in mine


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              Originally posted by tango123 View Post
              i think a plastic number plate screw went in mine
              Haha quality, loving the ingenuity!!!