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Aan pcv system limits

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  • Aan pcv system limits

    So, in addition to my crusty coupe, i have a pretty nice s6 (1/3 of the kms and none of the rust lol). I have it on vems with a custom special sauce k26 hybrid of some sort. I have a good map set for 250kpa. My issue is that i have oil coming out between chra and turbine housing. The setup has all of 10,000kms on it. The turbo builder is willing to bench test it to see if there's an issue with the turbo itself. Before i go thru that hassle i want to ensure there's nothing on my end messed up.

    I am looking into the possibility of crackcase pressure affecting turbo drainage.

    I pulled the pcv system put and found the check valve not checking. I managed to clear that up so that it checks now. I THINK the pressure relief valve is working as intended but i will replace asap when the dealerahip opens after the long weekend. I have ensured no blockage in any of the pcv tubes. I have reduced boost to 200kpa.

    All of this and still have leakage.

    My 16vt racecar caught fire twice because of oil on the turbo, i would prefer not to repeat the experience with this car!

    i have 3 more things to do i think:

    Compression check (crankcase pressure thru the roof??? Please no!)
    Replace the pressure relief valve
    Put the stock turbo back in (because that's quick and easy!!!)

    Any more suggestions?

    And should the pcv system be the issue, suggestions on closed maintenance free improvements? i don't want to empty a catchcan every so often and i don't want the stink of an open crankcase.
    1993 UrS4...aka the rocket powered living room