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  • which VEMS ecu

    i need some advice
    i have a 2.5 ltr pk motorsport engine
    now i need a management and am thinking about VEMS
    so which type ecu do i need
    i have a 60-2 triggerwheel placed by pk motorsport
    is it possible to use 5 egt sensors

    i do not have a cable loom
    some time ago i saw there i s someone here on this forum
    who makes cable looms but i can not find him any more

    is here someone who has experience with EMU black management

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    How much are you willing to invest in the engine management? I havn't heard any negative feedback of Maxxecu. Vems will work, but are you willing to use countless hours on some basic setups that should work out of the box? Vems also has very stupid firmaware- and software update system, you just can't use any new versions, because they may not be compatible and can destroy your setup.

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      I'm thinking about going down the EMU black route although unfortunately not many people run them so setting up the basics may take a little longer.
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        I just changed over from 034 to VEMS, because of no support for 034 anymore. This is my recent dyno after the VEMS was installed. All done by Mark Swanson at EFI.

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          After going the VEMS route for years now and doing tons of files for VEMS, I came to the conclusion that I need a different solution. The reasons you can read above. All VEMS cars where running fine but I had to fight many issues with firmware and missfunctions and I still have.

          I spended hours and days to compare a lot of different aftermarket ECUs and installed the calibration software from every single ECU to my computer.

          I tested the gui and functions of:
          Motec M1
          AEM infinity

          The decision was not easy.

          If you want to use 5 EGT sensors, the maxxecu is a good solution for that. But there are EGT CAN solutions out there you can attach to any standalone with CAN support.

          First I was very interested in Motec and Syvecs. But they are not cheap and I think not many peaople will follow this route in our cars. Also documentation for syvecs is very bad from my point of view for such a expensive product.

          Finally I was thinking about the LINK Thunder, the ECUMASTER and the MAXXECU. The result was the LINK Thunder because it has the most functions on board I need like Knock Control, LSU4.9, EGT and Mixure Map. The Last function is like Live VE Analyzer in VEMS and important for street mapping. On a dyno this would be less important.

          MAXXECU and ECUMASTER have done big steps in the last year, so maybe I would come to a different result. But my S2 was running fine with the LINK Thunder and fired with the first keyturn:

          So my recommendation. If you want to map your car alone, just install the guis from those 3 ECUS to get a feeling. If you need a tuner, ask the tuner because its also important how familiar a tuner is with the ECU.


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            MaxxECU Street is also a similar price to VEMS and has a PnP harness.
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              Originally posted by Error404 View Post
              MaxxECU Street is also a similar price to VEMS and has a PnP harness.
              similar price but less functions


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                Originally posted by blackS2

                similar price but less functions
                Like which functions?


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                  The biggest one is knock control, there are also very few inputs.


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                    I am going to Ecumaster Black way...I looked on MAXXecu an Link too, but there in this part of Europe is mostly used Ecumaster, nice price, good feedback on group and widely used in different aplications
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                      I'm about to have my engine mapped on DTA S80 ECU. Mainly, this is what my tuner suggestd, but also due to my pectel T6 being old now. It worked ok, but the software for it is still DOS based and no longer supported. Also, there are only a handful of people that understand the system.

                      Originally posted by peter20vt View Post

                      i do not have a cable loom
                      some time ago i saw there i s someone here on this forum
                      who makes cable looms but i can not find him any more
                      The person to contact is Alex (Error_404)
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                        DTA is horrible to map, but if your tuner is willing to work with it, go for it.