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Sunroof Seal Change

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  • Sunroof Seal Change

    Am going to tackle this seemingly simple job.

    Anyone have any do's or don'ts to share?

    It's the solid metal sliding sunroof not the glass one.



    ABY coupe

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    Good idea, it s on my todo list !!

    Don't forget to post some pics, good job for the long week-end
    S2 's and oldtimers


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      I think from memory - was a long while back that you do the following:

      1) Shut the roof
      2) Place you hands on the roof lining towards the front section and push up slighty and slide it back towards the rear of the car
      3) You should feel and hear a clunk as the two push on clips release at the front of the sunroof - the headliner and sunroof should now be separated.
      4) You can then swixel the liner through 90 degrees and remove it
      5) open the roof - up not back obviously and Locate the 4 x star head screws which hold the roof to the sliders and remove them
      6) roof will lift off the car now
      7) pull the old seal off
      8) Slip the new one on - i used a small amount of glue to make a firm seal on the two ends of the seal once on.
      9) refit the roof...might need another set of eyes to check roof is level while you tighten up the screws
      10) ensure the roof is then up and slot the liner back in - making sure to locate the front portion into the guides
      11) From memory pull the liner up until it butts up against the pegs on the roof itself
      12) get out the car and lift the back flap up and position the rear pins into the guides so that it lifts the liner when the roof goes up
      13) once the rears are located i think u just close the roof and lift the front end of the liner slightly to get a grip and force fwd so it clicks over the pegs again. Only thing i can't remember is if the rear water channel gets in the way when doing the rear pins but you'll work it out I'm sure.

      hope that helps,



      1992 3b S2 Coupe


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        Nice one David

        I have to do this job and I've been putting it off, I'll give it a go now. any idea on the cost of the rubber seal?

        91 Modded 3B
        14 A6 Avant Black Edition


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          Can't remember but fairly cheap i think...

          1992 3b S2 Coupe


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            sunroof seal change

            Thanks David - very clear instructions.

            nigelm ABY coupe


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              Nigelm BEWARE! The push clips break easier that rotten eggs!!!

              For sake of mind get new ones before you do this job! I have done what you endeavor and the broken clips held up the completion of it. To make matters worse, some dealers have those clips listed as NLA! They are out there, just get them.
              I can't stress this enough!


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                Push clips

                Perhaps I'll get some push clips then.

                Thanks Panzerwagon



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                  Push clips again

                  Could anyone confirm the identity of the push clips? Perhaps on the attached pictures.
                  (See next post also)
                  Thanks in advance.

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                    push clips

                    here's the second

                    Attached Files


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                      On second pix.....



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                        push clips

                        Thanks PW,

                        No. 6 looks suspiciously like the seal itself though in the second pic?
                        You don't mean no. 8 do you?


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                          Sorry nigel....#2 it is.

                          Good luck in the change.


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                            So sorry AGAIN Nigel!!!!

                            It is #8 sheeesh!!! Germany - Argentina game got me amped up!!!!


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                              does any1 have part numbers 4 these clips,im in desperate need!
                              Looking for an S2 ABY