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Coupe front wing removal guide.

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  • Coupe front wing removal guide.

    I've searched for a how-to guide or sticky but I can't find one.

    I have two issues to contend with, one is the dreaded spinning cage nut of doom. How do I remove the 13mm bolt when this happens? Mole grips just keep slipping off for me. Any tips?

    The other thing is I think there must be a hidden torx screw or two about half way up the trailing edge of the wing but I can seem to see them, I can see there is a small horizontal bar riveted to the wing, so I assume the screws must located on the A pillar when at the other end of this bar. Does that sound right?

    Any guidance would be great.

    edit: the Bentley bible doesn't have it which is surprising.
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    I'm guessing the liner has been removed. I used a pair of pliers to hold the snap nut in the turret. There is some hidden nuts but you access them from the wheel arch side - you'll probably have to remove some of the mastic / underseal to see them and there should be a foam insert that needs to come out


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      Thanks Mike,
      Yes the liner is out as is the foam packing piece and the two T25 screws behind it. I'll try a pair of pliers on it and look out for mastic/underseal.


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        Don't forget the screws right at the bottom edge of the wing where it sits on the sill. These were posidrive screws on my car and you access them by removing the rubber trim. That's easy done with arch. Liner already out. Once rubber trim is gone, pull out piece of foam behind it and you should see the screws...


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          Thanks Steve, I got those sneaky screws okay, they are T25s on my car.

          I was briefly foxed by the seam sealer sticking in the low wing edge , I carefully scored through it to help break the bonded joint.
          I eventually managed to free off that infernal cage nut, that sure didn't come easy as I had to partially destroy it to get any sort of grip on the captive nut. They really need to be of sturdier construction to prevent this from happening. Maybe there is something out there that is more suitable, I don't know.

          All cleanly removed which was the main objective.
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            Any pics to share as have to tackle this soon too.

            1992 3b S2 Coupe


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              I took these pics for you, hopefully they make the areas I was referring to in the above text clearer for all.
              I didn't take any showing the bothersome cage nut unfortunately.

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                Thanks, much appreciated!

                1992 3b S2 Coupe