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Sunroof problem

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  • Sunroof problem

    The sunroof 0n my B2 Audi 90 has a problem opening and closing.
    I thought the issue was mechanical. However, when the seal is not on, everything seems to work properly. As far as I know, the seal is an OE Audi replacement (fitted at least ten years ago).
    Has anyone come across this problem? Any known fixes?
    I have heard someone has some replacements, but these were ill-fitting and problematical too. Apparently, there is a GM that fits and works. Any experience of this? Part number?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    Audi 90 quattro (Typ 85)
    20v turbo conversion


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    If GM have a seal I wonder what model of car it comes from. I also have a poor fitting metal Sun roof. The metal panel looks ok but the original seal appears to have some wear issues.


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      Sadly the ‘OEM spec’ replacements in recent years have been at best sketchy I know my brother has wrestled with such issues.
      85 WR Urquattro, 85 20vT International liveried RallyRep
      93 MTMS2 Avant