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Rear light seals.93 coupe.

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  • Rear light seals.93 coupe.

    Hey everyone.
    Discovered by rear lights are letting water in to the boot pockets in the floor.
    Are the seals available ? Or is it an alternative jobbie to fix. Also is it possible the boot seal can leak above the rear lights under the plastic trim.

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    There is no seal as such, the lights are bonded to the bodyshell with non setting bitumen strip. It is non setting but can crack if very old, it also doesn't take kindly to being pulled apart and restuck so can leak because of that. The stuff comes on a roll with a non stuck backing film. I think it is 6-8mm diameter.

    The plastic trim across the top of the boot opening can leak. The screws that hold it down sit in a recess and are protected from water by a plug that has an o ring. Failure of o ring here can allow water through


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      Thanks for the info and heads up on the o ring seals.

      Thank you


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        Yep, the screw holes are the worst offenders in my view and from experience as they let water literally pour into the boot and also the light clusters. In doing that the water runs over the lightboards corroding the tracks and also get into the connectors too

        1992 3b S2 Coupe


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          I used this stuff


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            Yep, that's the sort of stuff. I used a lump of it on top of the screws that hold the plastic boot trim down. Easier than trying to find a suitable o ring.


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              Perfect guys. Thank you.
              Roll is on it's way.


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                I had the same, boot used to flood like mad, butyl tape sorted everything out
                1996 S2 ABY Silver