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Rear Tail Light Difference

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  • Rear Tail Light Difference

    I've noticed there seems to be two different part numbers for tail lights, 895945095 & 895945095B, what's the difference? I have a taillight with 895945095, will a 895945095B fit? I think some have different tints but that doesn't seem to be part no. specific.

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    There are orange rear lights and red ones. You don't want to mix them as the difference is obvious if you have different colours on each side.
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      I think the difference is between saloon and avant.
      The dark tinted lights were an aftermarket option but made by Hella.
      Original oe were by semina or Hella
      S2 Avant lights are the same at the back as other 80 Avants and come up on eBay often. Finding a good crack free one is a challenge.
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        in the USA, we had 2 different versions of tail lights (both cq, red)
        "there are vehicles in circulation that have white instead of red strips in the reversing light window of the tail light"

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          There is 4 different styles in total

          early coupe/3b s2 - yellow indicators
          late coupe/aby s2 - red/orange stripe indicators
          us spec - red indicators white reverse like above
          us spec - red indicators red/white stripe reverse like above

          Aftermarket siema/treser black/smoked rear lights

          and I have see differing coupe lights with the reverse being both white and red.


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            Thanks for the info guys

            I should of mentioned I have a coupe. From what I understand then, there is no difference in terms of fitment between part numbers? Only tint?


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              As I understand it, yes.


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                only real difference I think is US spec rear lights have extra lights for daytime running on the indicator sections


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                  B4 sedan inner lights are differents too.

                  Rearback light: all grey
                  Rearback light: ¾ grey and up ¼ red
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