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Heavy duty outdoor cover recommendation

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  • Heavy duty outdoor cover recommendation

    Alright gents,

    Due to loosing my storage facility the S2 is currently outside exposed to the elements.

    Can anyone recommend a heavy duty cover for outdoor use that has securing eyelids, winter weather on the Isle of Lewis is relentless!! My poor pride and joy!!!

    Cheers guys

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    We bought a Covercraft outdoor cover for the Ur about 20-years ago, it was not cheap and they weren’t tailored to the car shape as much either. More generic.

    Here it is right now, with the rally Quattro under it.

    The car port was a new addition about 10-years ago and the open end faces South-West our prevailing weather, so last night had 80-mph winds and driving rain.

    Car is bone dry as is the soft inner lining.

    It has been used every winter since purchase and I wouldn’t be without it.
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      Cheers Ian I'll check these out. Do they come with securing straps or eyelids for the bungee cords?


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        I have a couple of covers from Classic Additions - very good quality
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          I’ve been using covers made by Coverzone for a few years now. They are a tailored fit for the S2 coupe and available in two materials for outdoor use, Stormforce and Monsoon.
          Stormforce is a bit more expensive and the breathable material looks similar to that shown by Ian, although I would say a realistic life is about 3 to 4 years. The Monsoon “winter cover” is made from a waterproof material with ventilation flaps below the roofline and is slightly cheaper at about £160. I’ve had two of these in continuous use for about three years now.
          See photos of coupes and cabrio in Shropshire blizzard.
          Both are a good tailored fit with wing mirror pockets and have underbody straps included. I’ve bought extra overbody straps for if it gets windy for about £20 a set of three. You’ll probably need them on The Isle of Skye.
          You need to remove the roof aerial and make a pad from hard foam or similar to go over the aerial base to protect the cover.

          If you are on a budget I can also recommend the “mobile garage” as they are advertised on the Bay. This is not a tailored cover and has no mirror pockets. However they are incredibly cheap at less then £50 and are of surprisingly good weight and quality. I bought a “large sedan, Audi A4” size to go over my B4 saloon for the last six months. There is a draw cord around the bottom which you pull tight. I’ve added some extra straps.

          All at present available on eBay. Sorry can’t do a link.

          Hope that helps you decide.
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            Nice one, cheers guys, that's given me something to go on so will check these out and make a purchase.

            I've had the S2 garaged up since I bought it 11 years ago, still on original 3B wings which have held up well, dare say they'll go down hill quick now.


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              I've had this pitched in my front garden, more of a temporary garage than a cover but there is just about room to work on it when the weather is bad too. Check out that crack off bar.

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                Holy ****
                Panthero Coupé quattro 20vt
                Indigo ABY coupé
                Imola B6 S4 Avant


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                  Haha quality, that's some leverage going on there!!!


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                    I can just imagine the combination of three bars bending like a banana! Did it work?
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                      Ha ha, yes, the additional of the third bar got the crank bolt moving. It felt like I was going pull the car over

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