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    Originally posted by Bacila View Post
    So nobody can tell me for sure what type of bumper is it ?
    Why should we do that with such non-informative photos?

    Have good photo of inside of the bumper. They would clarify everything.


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      Would this sort things ?


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        My opinion is that this is RS2 bumper replica shell with inner brace cut out of original S2/Competition bumper.
        That is exactly what I'm doing: I have handmade S2 bumper shell made of glassfiber without any inner bracketing and heavily damaged OEM plastic S2 bumper to cut out inner brace of it. When glued together these parts become something mountable and looking like S2 bumper.

        What I see on the photo confirms my idea. This shell might have been made by Rieger out of ABS-plastic. This bumper may be pretty well made actually but it does not seem to be original.


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          Thanks a lot, I would like to mount it on my 1991 Audi Coupe, however, as you can notice the bumper had better days and still needs some work. Would you think i should take it for 300 E ? (as it is in the pictures) fog lamps & signals included ?


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            It mostly depends on proportion 'how much you are ready to spend on it' to 'how much you actually want it'. Can't judge for you personally.
            As far as I know such oval lights are pretty rare and expensive (regardless of whether they are from Audi RS2 or Porsche), so 300EUR could be very fair price if you compare it with new Rieger or fiber replica from eBay + oval lights.