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Laser rust moval.

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  • Laser rust moval.

    Apologies if you guys have seen this before, I hadn't and it seems well impressive. The story is it is very expensive at the moment but remember Laser printers, now almost (not me) everyone seems to have access to them. Well worth a watch anyway;

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    I have seen that before but it is still amazing to watch!

    It is really clean and more importantly leaves a nice dry surface ready for primer, plating, paint etc. compared that to grit blasting, there is a load of mess involved there and not to mention missing metal from your part!

    I love the sound it makes


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      Seen it before and it seems perfect for the job, didn't know they were so expensive though


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        Wow, not seen that before so very impressed.
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          Wow...i want one!

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            Very effective I have to say, I saw it 4 years ago and it was not cheap.


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              Does anyone on here have one of these?
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                I have been told half a million quid
                Apparently Badger 5 for anyone who knows who he is (Link if you don't, ) has something very similar with water input as well, not sure exactly what that means, possibly a more affordable version.
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                  Never seen that before...amazing but 80K Can you use it on thin steel as that stuff all looked really thick.