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Stainless steel manifolds

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  • Stainless steel manifolds

    Right guys,
    I have been chatting with some fabricators that we use regularly for work regarding fabrication of stainless steel manifolds both exhaust and inlet.
    They are willing to quote me to produce a small batch if I can provide them with drawings for them to quote against.

    They can weld any grade of stainless steel and judging by the work they do for me at the moment the quality is top notch. They hold various welding qualifications and will pressure test and perform NDE on each item and provide certificates to prove.

    Now my question is:
    Does anyone have drawings of either manifold that they would be willing to share/sell with me so that I can get some quotes?

    I would be looking at a group buy to reduce costs but I will come to that if I can get the ball rolling.

    Can also look into fabrication of other items but again will require drawings to get prices etc.

    Not sure if anyone is willing or is able to help me with this as I don't want to tread on any toes of people who already make and sell these items. Anyway, it's worth asking the question.

    Cheers guys.

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    I sent You PM regarding this.
    Everything less than 2 bar is considered to be naturally aspirated


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      There's plenty of cheap exh manifolds being made at the moment and they are generally made to a good standard. I recon a decent inlet would be highly sought after and there's not many options out there compared to exhausts.
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        As I am not in the fabrication business that much these days, I can sell my CAD models, if there is interest.

        I bet there would be people willing to purchase billet intake runners.
        Everything less than 2 bar is considered to be naturally aspirated


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          Good afternoon, I don’t speak English, I write through a translator. Will your drawing for urs4 work?