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Homemade oil line gaskets

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  • Homemade oil line gaskets

    Oil change is coming up and I've noticed that tuebo oil lines are all leaking so I'd like to make new ones. Reinz makes gasket sheets you can buy for about £25 for a set , and then I'm thinking of using hole punch to make holes for screws and oil to go through. I would also like new gasket for the oil filter bracket, but that seems a bit tricky to make? What's your thoughts on that guys?

    Looking at their description pretty much any if them would be suitable?

    AFM 22 : AFM 22 is the next step up on the ladder of metal-reinforced for cylinder head gaskets in combustion engines. Configured in line with the AFM 20, the AFM 22 will tackle any of the challenges which come up in virtually any conceivable operating situation. It is resistant to all of the usual liquid media that come up in engines and can withstand great mechanical stress.

    AFM 37/8 : AFM 37/8 is a highly cost-effective yet high-performance material for low to moderate sealing requirements. It possesses good thermal and mechanical behaviour and is particularly suited to sealing against oil and other liquids.

    REINZOLOID FS 53: REINZOLOID FS 53 is an impregnated soft composite material on a cellulose base and features a good cost-to-benefit ratio. Gaskets made of cellulose are very adaptable and prove highly durable in contact with oil and fuel. When used on the right sealing joint, REINZOLOID FS 53 makes effective and affordable gasket solution.
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    Here you go, all you need is a hammer

    Use the ball end for bolt holes etc.