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Help required to refit blower box

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  • Help required to refit blower box

    Hi all,
    Recently purchased an S2 Avant and noticed a whirring noise when the ignition was on, traced this to a motor which controls the recirc flap. This raised some questions in my build thread as it appears it should be vacuum controlled and not motor controlled.
    Digging a little deeper I found that the blower box is fitted with a heater resistor from a fiat/lancia and the Audi one is bodged in the side so my suspicion is that someone has replaced the blower box with one from another car in the past.
    If you look at the photos you can see what appear to be extra relays to control the extra stuff too.

    I would really like to put this back to standard but as I don't have the pieces I'm not sure what is standard and what isn't

    Could someone please help with some photos of this area so I can try and piece together what I need?

    Are the blower boxes for A/C and non A/C the same? Do I need to be careful about which years/models I look at for a replacement?

    Any help appreciated!

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    Air con and non air con are different. Remove the dash, pull it all out and see what you have. You will need to replace the matrix anyway as this is known to fail. I have a few air con heater box bits here but not a complete box. Maybe you can make one good box from the bits you and I have.
    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
    Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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      Originally posted by Tractor Dave View Post
      Remove the dash, pull it all out
      I was hoping you wouldn't say that I hate taking dashboards out. But it does make sense.

      In that case this is a job I will need to wait to complete so I can complete other jobs around there at the same time.

      I'm sure bits you have will come in useful, let me know what you have.

      I'm the mean time, as much info and photos would still be great so I'm prepared when I come to tackle it.


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        The resistor pack is a non air-con version


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          Here are some pics from my thread. It's air con.

          Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
          Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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            It's really not a bad job at all, it'll take a day to do it all in a nice relaxed manner, re-wrapping wires with tesa tape, and generally making everything nice.

            I had to do a Hyundai matrix a while back, takes twice as long, and is like working around a load of razor blades. Audi coupe is an absolute dream by comparison.