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  • Egt in exhuast

    were to put the egt for Best result on a Daily driven 600 hp car

    i was Think of putting one in manifold at cylinder 5
    but Will the egt hold Up with that or should that only be done under tuning ?
    Other option is just to fit one in dp after turbo?

    Its a 6mm egt from vems

    regards chris

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    I would always put egt in manifold flange or direct in turbo housing.


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      Allso while driving ? Im thinking it Could destroy a turbine


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        I have tapped into the turbo manifold flange. If you use an encased tip sensor they are more durable but hand-in-hand have a slower response.

        IMHO there is little point in an EGT post turbo.
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          Its a egt like this

          the. You just have ti set for lower eft after turbo that should be the same ? Vut No risk of egt pieces in turbine ?


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            pre turbo EGT is more accurate but always has a tiny chance of the tip breaking off and damaging the turbo.
            I used to run one on the EM and now post turbo where I moved it for ease of access.

            Having done comparisons with 2 EGT sensors at one point and time I noticed that the mean difference was about 100 to 150C if you run close to the beginning of the downpipe.

            So you take this into account and know what to look for with regards to temperatures.

            the OEM manifolds can endure small periods of up to 1000C but eventually do crack.

            my personal cut off was 950C. So I now tune with the aim not to go above 850C on the downpipe.

            Also the higher the temperature, the closer the difference. At 850C on the downpipe it's never more than 950C on the EM


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              I tend to see around 700 just after turbo. I equate this to around 900 eg


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                First I had the EGT Sensor in manifold Flange. But in this case the probe length inside is to long and starts to vibrate - breaks and goes through the turbine (happend in my case)

                So I prefered the sensor in turbine housing with minimum of free sensor length inside (the other pictures).

                This sensor is perfect for placing inside turbine housing like shown on my middle pictures.
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                  Okay i would say dp egt is were i feel the mist safe Regarding sensor Breaking

                  another thing is how long should it be put in If lets say put in cyl 5 vs dp ?
                  Im only talking about turbular em Btw


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                    What type TC or material are you ising for the temp measurement ? A temp sensors with a sheath made from Inconel is unlikely to suffer wear or breakage and if you need a quicker response get a grounded sensor.

                    If you require an even quicker response then get a Platinum/ Rhodium TC with a ceramic insulator and leave the tip exposed it can handle 1600 deg, Will be a bit more expensive.


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                      no idea what its made of. i bought it from a vems dealer here in dk.. se links above


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                        dont make it to complicated... just take care the probe is max 1,5cm deep in before Turbo - nothing will break imho


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                          Does that apply If it is in one of the runners from head fx cyl 5 just after head
                          And If it is in the dp to ? Thats really What Im after
                          mit know how deep to put it


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                            I have saw 2 good quality sensors break pre turbine when used long term. So I wouldn't leave one there for longer than it takes to tune, then move to the down pipe and get a comparison. Use that as an indicator if something is wrong pre turbine.

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                              That was just What i was thinking