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Failed MOT on emission. Looking for catalytic converter

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  • Failed MOT on emission. Looking for catalytic converter

    Hello, I have Audi S2 Avant Aby 93. It does not have cat, only strait pipe so I fail on MOT for emissions. Now since my exhaust fumes are really bad I am looking for catalytic converter and want to ask what option would be better. To find standard cat, universal, cheap sport one or what?

    Was thinking about this one:

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    I got a second hand one from a local custom exhaust place. Have it fitted with a pair of clamps then swap it out when you don't need it :shhhh
    Cheers'en, AndyC
    1994 ABY Coupe - Projekt Alpinweiss


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      I did that for a while, until I got bored of laying cramped under the car before every MOT, and then welded in a sports cat. the cheaper ones probably will need replacing every 5yr or so, not that much active material to begin with and when that degrades it will probably fail MOT. btdt.