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universal exhaust silencer - exhaust recommendations

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  • universal exhaust silencer - exhaust recommendations


    I have been doing some looking around online and i am after recommendations for universal silencers to use in my exhaust system.

    My (very) short list at the moment;


    I think that Jetex boxes may be popular (?), anyone using either of these, and what are your thoughts?

    also, for anyone with a track orientated car, how many silencers do you have in your systems?

    I intend to run 3.5" from the turbo, then split into 2 under the rear seat area, step down to 3" and exit in front of both rear wheels (exiting both L and R). I am thinking to use 2x 3" boxes after the split.

    any thoughts on this?

    Many thanks !!


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    I think borla do universal boxes but i think a few owners have used jetex as a back box on here in the past... i run a handmade system with no cats or centre silencer and a small back box and on a noise test it was 106db on 2x 2.5inch just to give you an idea. No surprise it fails the noise test!

    1992 3b S2 Coupe


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      I got mine from here plenty of choice and no problems after four years. I have 3" turbo back, no cat with two silencers. Don't know the db but it is certainly not quiet. When you do these things you never really know if it's exactly what you want until you start the engine.