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2.2 AAN EGT Issue

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  • 2.2 AAN EGT Issue

    2 similar cars, 2.2 AAN.
    EGT is placed at the runners connection on both of them, before the turbo.
    EGT on one of them is 100-150deg lower on the same boost, same fuel.
    We tried to add water/meth 70/30 to see if that changes the EGT number with no success, car is straight piped, very bad smell of gas inside and out of the car on the one that shows higher EGT.

    A friend of mine suggested that because the exhaust valves are not closing completely, the fuel mixture travels to the exhaust, thus inefficiently burning the mixture outside of the chamber.

    We both run lambda 0.78 on full boost, ignition map is the same, around 15deg at full boost and around 20-23 deg at 1 bar.
    We tried to change the injector phase at idle, the lambda changes were insignificant even when shifting + or - 120deg, although it helped a bit on high boost/rpm.

    We've seen numbers as high as 950 degrees on short runs from 3rd to 4-th gear.
    Any ideas?
    Is this a potential problem with the valves or should we look anywhere else?
    Thank you