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    Prj has kindly started to document his extensive knowledge and experiences with Motronic under a new wiki hosted at

    Technical discussion relating to this wiki can now take place in it's own channel ( and Prj can comment and respond as necessary.

    If you have queries, questions and comments relating to this please create a new topic under the forum and discussion relating to it can take place there.

    Please all again thanks Prj for spending significant amounts of his time to publicly document and post his tools, knowledge and experience. Without such knowledge this forum and these cars simply would not continue to exist. Administrator

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    nice work and yes PRJ has really helped to keep these old cars rolling by taking time to document and make it public...

    1992 3b S2 Coupe


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      The thing that really keeps them rolling is getting rid of the MAF. If your MAF fails on a stock car you can simply convert to my firmware and not bother with it. The software that is in the repo for the stock car is pretty decent and should work with most cars if they don't have extensive modifications. -


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        Would like to take this opportunity to thank Dmitri(prj) and S2forum for creating this subforum.
        '96 UrS6 auto PRJ chipped E85
        '95 80Q AEB VEMS E85


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          Not needed to use this software yet but it's a very kind thing to do. I'd like to thank Prj for all his valuable information and time spent so that the forum members and others can keep these motors running. Thanks again. Kindest regards Lynn